What is archeology?

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archeology_educationArchaeology and Anthropology together constitute a branch of science that is dedicated to the discovery and interpretation of pre historic men and their lifestyle. While both these studies have a different aspect, they still share the common goal which is to find out about the origin of human species and their lifestyle.

archeaology2Archaeology basically deals with searching and interpreting the artifacts left by early human beings. Developed in 19th century, this field of science has attracted many scientists from around the world due to its vast aspect as well as adventurous job profile. Researchers have worked extensively in the past years and have found out many pre historic sites throughout the world like the Machu Pichhu, Mohenjo-Daro, etc., which depict immense history and culture that prevailed in pre historic era.

_DSC8417Archaeology incorporates the collaboration of modern science and linguistics to discover and interpret the clues our ancestors have left us. Many branches of science like geology, geography, paleontology, etc. are considered before choosing an excavation site and then very carefully the site is excavated to search for the signs of artifacts and bio facts that might unlock a new chapter in early historic study.

Artifacts found and serially recorded and kept in a controlled environment to prevent them from deterioration. Over the next few days, various aspects of these artifacts are studied and a cumulative conclusion is drawn about the properties and purpose of the subjects.

Forensic-Anthropology-forensic-anthropology-6380691-600-450Anthropology is a more broad field that involves the study of human beings and their interaction with other beings as well as with natural environment. It is a study of human species as it evolved from the early cave man to the modern civilized human being. It uses the conclusions made by archaeologists to infer the nature of human relationships that prevailed at that time. As it collects most of its data from archaeology department, some researchers consider archaeology as a subsidiary subject of anthropology.

Anthropology is relatively a newer branch of science which came into existence in early 20th century, but it has evolved into a wide and diversified field inviting scientists and researchers from various fields of study to contribute their expertise in their respective departments.

Anthropologists attempt to discover the social behavior of human beings with other groups and try to comprehend their cultural and social impact on a global scale. Unlike archaeology, which only involves study about the tools, machines, buildings etc., anthropology also includes social and cultural aspect in their study and tries to connect them to the long period of human evolution.

Culture, linguistics, art, music, eating habits, hierarchy, sexuality, political system,human anthropology administrative system and even environmental system, each and every aspect of human life is unraveled through anthropology.

Archaeology and Anthropology, both these fields of science have a deep and unparalleled impact on the modern day human society. With the discovery of various sites around the world like Egypt, America, Israel, India, China, Europe etc., we are able to understand the life which our ancestors lived and the reason why they vanished completely.

With the advancement in technology, both these fields have a wide scope to discover and reveal more about the ancient history, culture and lifestyle.